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A Cheerful Temper
A Great Grief
A Leaf from Heaven
A Rose from Homer?s Grave
A Story
A Story from the Sand-Hills
Anne Lisbeth
Beauty Of Form And Beauty Of Mind
By The Almshouse Window
Children?s Prattle
Danish Popular Legends
Everything in the Right Place
Good Luck Can Lie in a Pin
Hans Christian Andersen`s Tales
Holger Danske
Ib and Little Christina
In a Thousand Years
In the Nursery
In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea
Jack the Dullard
Little Claus and Big Claus
Little Tiny or Thumbelina
Lucky Peer
Ole the Tower-Keeper
Ole-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God
Our Aunt
Poultry Meg?s Family
She Was Good for Nothing
Soup from a Sausage Skewer
Sunshine Stories
The Angel
The Beetle who went on his Travels
The Bell
The Bell- Deep
The Bird of Popular Song
The Bishop of Borglum and his Warriors
The Bottle Neck
The Butterfly
The Candles
The Child in the Grave
The Conceited Apple-Branch
The Court Cards
The Cripple
The Dream Of Little Tuk
The Drop of Water
The Dryad
The Dumb Book
The Elderbush
The Elf of the Rose
The Emperor`s New Clothes
The False Collar
The Farm-Yard Cock and the Weather-Cock
The Fir Tree
The Flax
The Flea and the Professor
The Gardener and the Manor
The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf
The Goblin and the Huckster
The Golden Treasure
The Great Sea-Serpent
The Happy Family
The Ice Maiden
The Jewish Maiden
The Last Dream of the Old Oak
The Last Pearl
The Leap-Frog
The Little Match Girl
The Loveliest Rose in the World
The Mail-Coach Passengers
The Marsh King?s Daughter
The Metal Pig
The Money-Box
The Most Incredible Thing
The Naughty Boy
The Nightingale
The Nis and the Dame
The Old Bachelor?s Nightcap
The Old Church Bell
The Old Grave-Stone
The Old House
The Old Street Lamp
The Pea Blossom
The Pen and the Inkstand
The Philosopher?s Stone
The Phoenix Bird
The Porter?s Son
The Portuguese Duck
The Psyche
The Puppet-Show Man
The Races
The Real Princess
The Red Shoes
The Saucy Boy Alternate Version of the Naughty Boy
The Shadow
The Shepherdess and the Sweep
The Shepherd?s Story of the Bond of Friendship
The Shirt-Collar
The Shoes Of Fortune
The Silver Shilling
The Snail and the Rose-Tree
The Snow Queen
The Snowdrop
The Storm Shakes the Shield
The Story Of A Mother
The Story of the Wind
The Story of the Year
The Sunbeam and the Captive
The Swan?s Nest
The Swineherd
The Thistle?s Experiences
The Thorny Road of Honor
The Tinder-Box
The Toad
The Top and Ball
The Travelling Companion
The True Story of My Life
The Ugly Duckling
The Wicked Prince
The Windmill
Two Brothers
Two Maidens
Under the Willow-Tree
What One Can Invent
What the Moon Saw
What the Old Man Does Is Always Right
?Delaying Is Not Forgetting?
?The Will-o?-the-Wisp Is in the Town,? Says the Moor-Woman
?There Is No Doubt About It.?


04/02/1805 Born in Odense, Denmark

1819 Ran away to Copenhagen

1822 Attends school at Slagelse and Elsinore until 1827

1822 Published Youthful Attempts Anderson`s debut as a writer

1828 Passes entrance exam at the University of Copenhagen

1829 Anderson`s debut as a playwright with "Love in Saint Nicholas Church Tower"

1831 Andersen`s first travelogue "Shadow Pictures from a Journey to the Harz Mountains and Saxon Switzerland"

Approx 1833 Journey to France & Italy

1835 The Improviser, Andersen`s first novel, was published, as well as Fairy Tales, Told For Children.

1836 This Fable Is Intended for You Published

1836 The Talisman Published

1836 God Can Never Die Published

1836 The Little Mermaid Published

1836 The Emperor`s New Suit Published

Approx 1837 Journey to Sweden, meets Frederika Bremer.

1838 The Goloshes of Fortune Published

1838 The Daisy Published

1838 The Brave Tin Soldier Published

1838 The Wild Swans Published

1838 The Garden of Paradise Published

1838 The Flying Trunk Published

1838 The Storks Published

1839 The Elf of the Rose Published

Approx 1840 Journeys to Italy, Greece and Constantinople Published

1840 What the Moon Saw Published

1840 The Wicked Prince Published

1842 The Metal Pig Published

1842 The Shepherd`s Story of the Bond of Friendship Published

1842 A Rose from Homer`s Grave Published

1842 The Buckwheat Published

1842 Ole-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God Published

1842 The Swineherd Published

Approx 1843 Journey to France & Germany, Falls in love with Jenny Lind

Approx 1844 Journey to Germany. Receives invitation to visit King Christian the VIII on the North Frisian Island of Fohr

1844 The Angel Published

1844 The Nightingale Published

1844 The Ugly Duckling Published

1844 The Top and Ball Published

1845 The Fir Tree Published

1845 The Snow Queen Published

1845 The Little Elder-Tree Mother Published

1845 The Elfin Hill Published

1845 The Red Shoes Published

1845 The Jumper Published

1845 The Shepherdess and the Sweep Published

1845 Holger Danske Published

1845 The Bell Published

1845 Grandmother Published

1846 The Darning-Needle Published

1846 The Little Match-Seller Published

01/06/1846 Receives the Knighthood of the Red Eagle from King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia

1847 The Sunbeam and the Captive Published

1847 By the Almshouse Window Published

1847 The Old Street Lamp Published

1847 The Neighbouring Families Published

1847 Little Tuk Published

1847 The Shadow Published

1848 The Old House Published

1848 The Drop of Water Published

1848 The Happy Family Published

1848 The Story of a Mother Published

1848 The Shirt-Collar Published

1849 The Flax Published

1850 The Phoenix Bird Published

1851 A Story Published

1851 The Pigs Published

1851 The Puppet-Show Man Published

1851 The Dumb Book Published

1852 The Old Grave-Stone Published

1852 The Conceited Apple-Branch Published

1852 The Loveliest Rose in the World Published

1852 In a Thousand Years Published

1852 The Swan`s Nest Published

1852 The Story of the Year Published

1852 On Judgment Day Published

1852 ?There Is No Doubt About It.? Published

1852 A Cheerful Temper Published

1853 A Great Grief Published

1853 Everything in the Right Place Published

1853 The Goblin and the Huckster Published

1853 Under the Willow-tree Published

1853 The Pea Blossom Published

1853 She Was Good for Nothing Published

1854 The Last Pearl Published

1854 Two Maidens Published

1855 ?In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea? Published

1855 The Money-Box Published

1855 A Leaf from Heaven Published

1855 Jack the Dullard Published

1855 Ib and Little Christina Published

1856 The Thorny Road of Honor Published

1856 The Jewish Maiden Published

1857 Journey to England as guest of Charles Dickens. "To Be Or Not To Be?" Published

1857 The Bell-Deep Published

1857 A String of Pearls Published

1858 The Bottle Neck Published

1858 Soup from a Sausage Skewer Published

1858 The Old Bachelor`s Nightcap Published

1858 Something Published

1858 The Last Dream of the Old Oak Published

1858 The A-B-C Book Published

1858 The Marsh King`s Daughter Published

1858 The Races

1859 Receives the Maximillian Order of Art and Science from King Maximillian II of Bavaria

1859 The Philosopher`s Stone Published

1859 The Story of the Wind Published

1859 The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf Published

1859 Ole the Tower-Keeper Published

1859 Anne Lisbeth Published

1859 Children`s Prattle Published

1859 The Child in the Grave Published

1859 Two Brothers Published

1860 Journey to Germany & Switzerland Published

1860 The Pen and the Inkstand Published

1860 The Farm-Yard Cock and the Weather-Cock Published

1860 Beauty of Form and Beauty of Mind Published

1860 A Story from the Sand-Hills Published

1860 Moving Day Published

1861 The Butterfly Published

1861 The Bishop of Borglum and His Warriors Published

1861 The Mail-Coach Passengers Published

1861 The Beetle Who Went on His Travels Published

1861 What the Old Man Does Is Always Right Published

1861 The Snow Man Published

1861 The Portuguese Duck Published

1861 The New Century`s Goddess Published

1861 The Ice Maiden Published

1861 The Psyche Published

1861 The Snail and the Rose-Tree Published

1861 The Old Church Bell Published

1862 Journey to Switzerland, Spain, Morocco and France

1862 The Silver Shilling Published

1863 The Snowdrop Published

1864 The Teapot Published

1865 Meets Edvard Grieg. Journey to Switzerland, invitation from King Karl XV

1865 The Bird of Popular Song Published

1865 The Will-o-the Wisp Is in the Town?, Says the Moor-Woman Published

1865 The Windmill Published

1865 In the Nursery Published

1865 The Golden Treasure Published

1865 The Storm Shakes the Shield Published

1866 Journey to Portugal via Amsterdam and Paris

1866 ?Delaying Is Not Forgetting? Published

1866 The Porter`s Son Published

1866 Our Aunt Published

1866 The Toad Published

1867 Vænø and Glænø Published

12/06/1867 Two visits to the World Exhibition in Paris. Made honorary citizen of Odense

1868 The Little Green Ones Published

1868 The Goblin and the Woman Published

1868 Peiter, Peter and Peer Published

1868 Godfather`s Picture Book Published

1868 Which is the Happiest? Published

1868 The Dryad Published

Approx 1869 Journey to Vienna & The Riviera

1869 The Days of the Week Published

1869 The Court Cards Published

1869 Luck May Lie in a Pin Published

1869 Sunshine Stories Published

1869 The Comet Published

1869 The Rags Published

1869 What One Can Invent Published

1869 The Thistle`s Experiences Published

1869 Poultry Meg`s Family Published

1870 The Candles Published

1870 Great-Grandfather Published

1870 The Most Incredible Thing Published

1870 Danish Popular Legends Published

1870 What the Whole Family Said Published

1870 Lucky Peer, Anderson`s last novel Published

1871 Dance, Dance, Doll of Mine! Published

1871 The Great Sea-Serpent Published

1871 The Gardener and the Manor Published

1872 What Old Johanne Told Published

1872 The Gate Key Published

1872 The Cripple Published

1872 Aunty Toothache Published

1873 The Flea and the Professor Published

1874 The True Story of My Life Published. Meets Charles Dickens

08/04/1875 Anderson passes away

08/11/1875 Funeral held at the Cathedral of Copenhagen

1926 Croak Published

1926 The Penman Published

1949 Folks Say Published

1949 Urbanus Published

1949 The Poor Woman and the Little Canary Bird

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The Hans Christian Andersen Center - Informative site on Andersen. Much of the best stuff is in Danish.

Andersen Biography - Short, detailed

Andersen's Own Bio - First Chapter Only

Biography - Good Biography on Andersen's Life, with Timeline

Hans Christian Andersen Teacher Resource File - site contains many links and references to assist as a teaching aid

A Sampling of the Portraits of H. C. Andersen - contains many portraits of the author Hans Christian Andersen

Odense Turist - contains much info reguarding museums dedicated to Hans as well as a time table for tours of the house he grew up in

The Royal Library - Contains paintings, etchings, engravings - all Hans Christian Anderson




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